JSON Resume was built to inspire a new creative movement around resumes. This page will showcase some of those ideas...

  • JSON Resume Validator (PHP) - Tool in PHP that validates if a Resume is according to the defined schema. It also validates if any desired properties are not empty.
  • JSON Resume Validator (Python) - Python tool to validate JSON resumes to ensure that they are according to the defined schema
  • JSON Resume Validator and Parser (Java) - Java library to validate and parse JSON resumes to Java objects
  • JSON Resume Validator (Go) - Go library to validate JSON resumes
  • SkillSet - Intuitive job-candidate skill visualization, taking advantage of D3.js and JSONResume.
  • gulp-resume - gulp-resume is a gulp plugin to generate a resume using jsonresume.org.
  • ng-jsonresume - ng-jsonresume lets you include a resume into a webpage by using an Angular directive and providing data in the standardized jsonresume format.
  • jsonresume (haskell) - This library encodes JSON Resume standard in Haskell datatypes, and provides a parser to read a CV in the JSON Resume format.