Command Line Tool

We've built a CLI (Command Line Interface) which is supported by OSX, Linux and Windows. To create your own resume, installresume-cli from npm:

npm install -g resume-cli

Note: The official CLI tool isn't that actively maintained. There is an alternative that you might have more success with @rbardini/resumed


The command line tool uses an ecosystem of modules that we've open sourced to convert your resume to different formats:

resume export resume.pdf

resume export resume.html

Import from LinkedIn

One of our community members wrote a great Chrome extension to import your LinkedIn Profile.

Download here


If you want to render a Latex resume there is very well put together project called RenderCV. It has it's own data format for resumes but we have tools to convert your resume.json to their format.

To convert your resume.json

npx @jsonresume/jsonresume-to-rendercv resume.json

Then simply

rendercv render resume.yaml

If you use the registry hosting service, you can access your resume in the RenderCV format e.g.


JSON Resume offers a hosting service that renders yourresume.json to any theme you would like.


All you have to do is create a Gist on GitHub namedresume.json.

Alternatively, you can use the Editor at


Our hosting service will automatically detect this when you

To set a theme, just add to your resume.json
{ "meta": { "theme": "elegant" } }

Use your own repository (instead of a gist)

Basically, you can just make a Github Action, that publishes your gist when you push to your own repo. Example below


Raw Formats

You can access more raw formats of your resume too!


QR Service

If you want to generate a QR code that links to your hosted resume, use
Thomas Davis