Command Line Tool

We've built a CLI (Command Line Interface) which is supported by OSX, Linux and Windows. To create your own resume, install resume-cli from npm:

npm install -g resume-cli


The command line tool uses an ecosystem of modules that we've open sourced to convert your resume to different formats:

resume export resume.pdf (Currently broken, help needed)

resume export resume.html


We have also built in hosted support into the command line tool. Much like npm's registry, you can register an account and publish to our servers. We also allow you to password protect and/or publish your resume anonymously. To get started, simply type:

resume publish

Our hosted solution will have new features and benefits rolled out quite frequently. Make sure you register if you want to save a vanity url:

resume register

Great! Your should now have your own url, like this:

You can also access exported version of your resume:

Users may also password protect their resume:

Resume Editor

We're currently developing a graphical interface for editing your resume (repository). Feel free to try it today:

Try the Resume editor

You can also render resumes in the browser.


The statistics for our official hosting service, so far:

Resume views

Resumes hosted