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5th Birthday and New Features

posted June 27, 2019

It was our 5th birthday last week and we are happy to announce some new features. Development has been slow. In retrospect this is a good thing for something that purports to be a standard. We didn’t make any radical changes which kept the ecosystem stable. The community still exists due to many members contributing above and beyond. We extend thanks to people have written themes, parsers, converters, tools and services. The website will soon showcase the plethora of projects built around JSON Resume.

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First Official Release

posted July 31, 2014

It has been just over three weeks since JSON resume first went public, and we are proud to announce the first official version of the specification. After much consideration we decided to launch the first version as 0.0.0, which assumes everything up until this point was conceptual, and thus no backwards compatibility has been built out.

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