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Json Résumé is a community driven open source initiative to create a JSON based standard for résumés. There is no reason why there can't be a common standard for writing a résumé that can be extended with an ecosystem of open source tools. This project will attempt to;

  • Build a community open source movement where everyone can take advantage of the tools
  • Make themeing, exporting, storing and editing résumés super easy

We have researched the alternative standards, and they are a lot more mature but are lacking a modern and friendly ecosystem that empower individuals.

Our goal is to empower developers in every way possible, which means we will stick to a more casual development approach.

Join us on IRC - #jsonresume - Freenode


We feel that JSON Schema is now mature enough for writing usable schematics. YAML doesn't throughly offer schematic standards yet(though you can easily convert your résumé between YAML and JSON anyway).


We will generally do 2 year cycles of revisions to the specification. Though upon release the lifecycle will be short for 3 months whilst last minute revisions are made to the standard

Open Source

Everything on the domain name is opened source under a MIT license. This is meant to be a community effort to better the JSON résumé ecosystem.


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We have built tools for you to initialize and publish your own JSON Resume.

Get Started!


The latest published draft is unversioned and is currently wanting feedback. We want to release a version 0.0.0 in late July.

bio: {
firstName: string,
lastName: string,
email: {
work: string, // e.g. [email protected]
personal: string // [email protected]
phone: { // Phone numbers are stored as strings so use any format you like
work: string, // e.g. 732-757-2923
personal: string // e.g. 712-117-2923
summary: string, // Write a short 2-3 sentence biography about yourself
location: {
city: string,
countryCode: string, // e.g. US, AU, IN
region: string, // If you specify a region, you don't need a state e.g. Queensland
state: string // If you specify a state, you don't need a region e.g. Texas
websites: { // The value you use as your key, will generally become the label
blog: string // e.g.
profiles: { // Specify any number of social networks that you participate in
twitter: string, // e.g. neutralthoughts
github: string // e.g. thomasdavis
work: [{
company: string, // e.g. Facebook
position: string, // e.g. Software Engineer
website: string, // e.g.
startDate: string, // resume.json uses the ISO 8601 date standard e.g. 2014-06-29
endDate: string, // e.g. 2012-06-29
summary: string, // Give an overview of your responsibilities at the company
highlights: [ // Specify multiple accomplishments
string // e.g. Increased profits by 20% from 2011-2012 through viral advertising
education: [{
institution: string, // e.g. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
area: string, // e.g. Arts
studyType: string, // e.g. Bachelor
startDate: string, // e.g. 2014-06-29
endDate: string, // e.g. 2012-06-29
courses: [ // List an notable courses/subjects
string // e.g. H1302 - Introduction to American history
awards: [{ // Specify any awards you have received throughout your professional career
title: string, // e.g. One of the 100 greatest minds of the century
awardDate: string, // e.g. 1989-06-12
awarder: string // e.g. Time Magazine
publications: [{ // Specify your publications through your career
name: string, // e.g. The World Wide Web
publisher: string, // e.g. IEEE, Computer Magazine
releaseDate: string, // e.g. 1990-08-01
website: string // e.g.
skills: [{ // List out your professional skill-set
name: string, // e.g. Web Development
level: string, // e.g. Master
keywords: [ // List some keywords pertaining to this skill
string // e.g. HTML
hobbies: [{
name: string, // e.g. Philosophy
keywords: [
string // e.g. Friedrich Nietzsche
references: [{ // List references you have received
name: string, // e.g. Timothy Cook
reference: string // e.g. Joe blogs was a great employee, who turned up to work at least once a week. He exceeded my expectations when it came to doing nothing.